Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blue Sideboard

Here is the latest piece from my studio, a blue sideboard that has been sitting in my storage for a while waiting its turn. So that day has come. I chose a Milk Paint finish for this piece in Soldier Blue as it allows it to keep its inherited elegance but at the same time gives it the modern feel. Inside the cabinet has been painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "coco".
The piece is currently listed in my online store and on my Etsy page.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Red Hutch with Pink Detailing

Celebrating the Fall season with this beautiful ornate hutch painted in Annie Sloan's Emperpr's Silk red with Scandinavian Pink Detailing. Roomy interior will allow you to store many of your belongings and hide them from plain sight. Not just for dining rooms, this hutch would look great in a kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom. For more info check my online store or Etsy page.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Painter in Residence - First Reveal

If you haven't read previous posts, here is a little intro on this project. I have recently been selected as one of Annie Sloan's (inventor behind Chalk Paint) to be one of her painters in residence. The program was focused around making over four pieces of furniture over the course of three months and Annie was going to do the reveal through her social media outlets.

My previous posts gives hints of what the audience is about to see in the coming weeks, but this little green piece is the first one to go through the complete reveal.

This cabinet came from a friend of mine who asked me to give this tired piece of furniture a make-over. The cabinet was scratched and beaten and did not suite the style of my friend's house. I was given free reign to work with any technique or style as long as the base colour was green.

I chose to work with traditional and sophisticated palette of Olive, Versailles and Country Grey and created a gradient colour effect by applying the darkest colour - Olive_ to the top section of the cabinet, working down to Versailles and then Country Grey. To add a modern touch I used scallop shaped masking tape to create an interesting border where tow colours met.

Inside the cabinet I used Graphite, which is both neutral and dramatic. I then finished the piece with a coat of Annie Sloan's Clear Soft Wax.

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Reveal - Tangerine/Coral Dresser

This dresser, built of solid wood, is simple in lines, but the zesty tangerine colour lends it some extra character. Metallic gold pulls are a perfect match and give this piece some additional pizzaz. All six drawers slide smoothly on their tracks and are roomy to offer a fair amount of storage. This dresser would make a great alternative to a traditional change table in a nursery.
Paint finish has been protected with furniture polishing wax to save the piece from minor spills.
Dimensions are as follows:
L 56" x H 31" x D 19"
This piece is currently listed in my Etsy store as well as on the Poppyseed website.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I am Annie Sloan's Painter in Residence

"Hi, my name is Jelena and I live in Toronto, Canada but my life story started in Croatia. Growing up, I never thought that I would end up working as an artist and believed that I was destined for an office career. Looking back and thinking of how I used to play as a child suggested otherwise though,  I loved rearranging furniture in my parents' house and once I even painted our front door with my water colours. Once I left school I did indeed work in an office environment – it was a good job but deep down I knew that it was not the right thing for me.

Six years ago I moved into my new home and decided to equip it on a budget with hand-me-down furniture that I would make my own by painting it out. I found the process so relaxing and the end results so rewarding. Soon I started doing it for my friends too and before I knew it I was in business. Quitting my job to pursue this independent career path was the best thing I could have done, and I never looked back.

And Annie's paint?

Before I had been invited to participate in the Painters in Residence program I had only heard about Chalk Paint®. I had considered working with it, but it somehow never came to happen. From everything I had heard and read about it I knew that it was a superior product and that Annie was an extraordinary artist and business woman. When the invitation from Annie's team came to take part in the program, I was a bit surprised and very excited to join in. I regarded this invitation as special kind of acknowledgment of my work that made me very proud.

All my expecations were exceeded when I started using Chalk Paint®. It is smooth and easy to work with. It mixes easily to create new colours and has great coverage and adhesion quality. Because of all these properties a little bit of paint goes a long way, and any mistake can be fixed by simply repainting over it. What I found most fascinating is how the colours really come to life after applying the clear wax and how you can ˝add years˝ to your project by simply applying a thin coat of dark wax. Annie's books were also a great guide and resource as to all the possibilities that working with her products offers.

What you’ll see from me...

As a part of the residency I completed four pieces. Only one of them is painted in a solid colour and straight from the can. The other three feature different colour combinations and patterns. You will see stripes, scalloped edges and triangles. You may like some better than others. With this collaboration, I have tried to stay true to my style but also to push myself a bit outside of my comfort zone. Keeping this project under wraps for a few months was a hard thing to do and I can't wait to share it with the world."

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Preparing for the Made In Canada Etsy Show

And while I am still excited about the recent announcement of my Painter in Residence Status with Annie Sloan, I am hard at work preparing for the upcoming Etsy Made In Canada Show that will take place in Toronto on September 26th in  the MaRS building. Show hours are 10AM - 6PM and admission is free. Organizers have worked hard and have assembled swag bags containing some great things from participating vendors and only early birds will get the chance to indulge in the freebies.
As it is hard to participate in a one day show with furniture I am launching a line of textile goodies to take along. At my booth you will find these fun oversized totes outfitted with leather straps, decorative pillows, wine bottle bags, bunting and possibly a few more things.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Big Reveal

I am so excited to finally be able to share the news that earlier this year I have been selected as one of Annie Sloan's Painters in Residence. This is the ultimate acknowledgement that a furniture artist can receive and it makes me really proud. It is also a proof that following your dreams is always worth it.
As a part of this program I have completed four projects that will be shared through Annie Sloan's social media outlets in the course of the next several weeks. Make sure to follow Annie's blog and check back on the site to witnes the first reaveal that is to follow really soon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Cool Pop of Colour on This Hot September Day

Doesn't this piece make you want to sit by the ocean and sip on a cool lemonade thinking the Summer is just starting? I wish this was the case but there is nothing wrong with dreaming. This cute piece of furniture is currently located at Wild Bird, a lovely local store in the Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton area in  Toronto. It could totally blend in a happy child's room but equally make a statement elsewhere in the house. Pair it with a red polka dot pillow (also available at Wild Bird and at Poppyseed Creative Living) and you have a winning combo that will make everyone smile.