Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yep, I am running an Etsy promo where all purchases on items over $500 (which is all of them) will receive a 20% off the listing price. All you need to do is enter the promo code 20offpoppies and the discount will be applied automatically. The promo is running until Saturday, May 31, 2014 so if you like something, get on it. Unfortunately promo does not include shipping rates. Any questions, just drop me a line.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grey 6 Drawer Dresser

This dresser was a Craigslist purchase. I liked it's simple yet somewhat interesting lines in the picture but when I saw it first hand and upon inspection I realized it was built of solid heavy wood and could in no way pass on it. The surface had some minor scuffs and scratches that I sanded off but its overall structure was sturdy and solid. I opted for painting it in a shade of medium grey as to not the let the colour overpower its stronger features. It is now listed in my Etsy store and waiting for the right person to call it their own.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tavern Green Tallboy Dresser

May has been a busy month so far, partially work related and partially dealing with personal things that tend to creep up on us from time to time.
This dresser is one of three that I will be revealing in the next few days. When I bought it it featured a rather bad paint job. Coat of black paint had been applied over a white base. I sanded it down to remove all the bad finish and texture and used Tavern Green  milk paint for the new look. Distressing is revelling some of the previous finish, but this time it is coming through in a good way, in my opinion at least. All the knobs are salvages from other dressers and each drawer has a slightly different set that have all been unified with some grey spray paint.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Midnight Blue Tallboy Dresser

When I first saw this dresser I walked right by it like it did not exist. Then its nasty finish caught my eye. It was painted in deep red with faux leather treatment. I could not believe that someone actually spent time and effort transforming it into a fake lizard. I inspected it carefully and noticed it was sturdy and solid and knew I could make it stand out in a positive way.
I brought it home, covered with one coat of black milk paint following with several coats of Soldier Blue Milk paint. The black base is what gives the blue top coat the deep hue. Its solid build is softened with pastelly pink knobs and drawers are lined with charming pink and grey paper.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tallboy Dresser/Desk -Painted with Chalk Paint

I have obviously heard about chalk paint and all it's benefits before, but have never used it before. The reason for it being that there is no store in my vicinity that sells it and I generally don't like online shopping. Probably because when I decide to buy something I want to take it home right away. I am impatient like that.
A friend of mine happened to have a can left over from her previous project and was kind enough to pass it on to me. This is how it happened that this particular piece was painted in Annie Sloan Paris Grey chalk paint. Working with chalk paint was easy, and it is true, it adheres well even on surfaces that have not beed roughened up beforehand. Generally I don't do that as I like to prep the surfaces I am about to work on, so this dresser/desk was my guinea pig. And it worked. It went on perfectly smoothly and covered really well.  Starting this project I was not sure what to expect but have to admit that I am perfectly happy with the result.
When it comes to this dresser, it makes a perfect multi-purpose storage especially for smaller spaces. Not only can it double as a mini desk, but can also serve the purpose to hide all the entertainment components, not to mention the potential of converting it into a little liquor cabinet. Cheers to that!!
For more info on dimensions and shipping details, please check my Etsy page.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Marigold Yellow Dresser

This dresser sat in the corner of the store where I scooped it up, forgotten and unattractive. The price was right, the structure sturdy and I knew I could breathe some new life into it. I was tossing between the ideas of painting it blue or green, but yellow prevailed and I think I made the right decision. The slick appearance of this piece  makes it a good match for dining room or TV console, bedroom dresser or a hallway catch-all. More info and dimensions are available on it's Etsy page.