Monday, July 21, 2014

New Dresser and Little Houses - In Progress

Yesterday I posted the before image of this dresser along with my doodle-ish direction for it. Last night I got to paint it out in a solid bluish-grey colour and this morning I started by taping off the areas where the little houses will be. All of them will have white facades and I am currently playing around with the shapes of roofs. So far this was a piece of cake work, what I am nervous about is sketching the windows and doors as this is something that I need to do free hand and am not sure that I am much good at it. I am away from this project for the rest of the day today and will continue working on it tomorrow morning with some more updates to follow.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Dresser and Little Houses

I did some driving around this Saturday, got a nice pair of jeans, a blouse and a super cute jacket with kimono sleeves and also this sad looking little dresser. Previous owners were selling it for a song so I had to take it home knowing that it will turn into a perfect subject of some experimentation.
I could just choose to paint it in a single colour and call it a day, but feel that this would be an easy way out. Instead I plan on doing something that I haven't done before, and do partial doodle-style house drawing on either the bottom drawer or maybe partially on the other two or maybe just the top, I haven't  completely decided yet.
As drawing is not something I am good at at all I created a little banner using craft paper as the base, plain white to determine the shape and size of the houses and a black sharpy to create roofs, windows and doors. I will start with the work on it tomorrow and will hopefully remember to take in progress pictures to share with the world. Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Coral Dresser

To be honest, I had different plans for this dresser when I first got it. I was going to introduce some pattern running along one side of the piece, but then paint didn't cooperate the way I would have wanted it to and I opted out to leave it in a single colour, which in the end turned out to be a great direction. The colour alone makes it out of the ordinary and pairing with slate blue knobs it added some extra charm to it. Make sure to check out my Etsy page for specifications on the piece, and remember that there are some amazing delivery options on the piece, so if you like, just send me a note and I will be happy to tell you all about it.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Weekend Fun

This was a rare weekend when I wasn't at the store or painting and when Marc choose not to spend time on the golf course. Saturday started with getting ready for our friends' wedding in the country and on Sunday we took a road trip to deliver a piece of furniture to one of my most recent buyers in Sarnia, ON. Here are a few pictures snapped this weekend.

Saturday night at a friends' farm wedding in Utopia, ON

Traditionally, all our road trips lead to Tim Horton's for a must have coffee and double toasted everything bagel (with extra cream cheese for me and extra butter for Marc)

Wind farm along highway 402 between London and Sarnia 

We never do selfless and (sadly) have very few pictures in which we are together, so this one taken on the beach in Sarnia is "kinda" special

Resting on the beach in matching shoes, absorbing the beauty of a Summer day on lake Huron

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Projects

While waiting for the furniture gods to inspire me with some new ideas on furniture rejuvenation I am trying out some new things. These scarves are reminiscent of the Japanese shibori. I bought the fabric already dyed, but will be experimenting some more with this technique myself. The fabric is a 100% cotton, super soft and pliable. It may still be too hot to accessorize with one, but before we know it we will be looking for one to keep us warm.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Poppyseed Creative Living in on Facebook

As of yesterday I have taken Poppyseed Creative Living to Facebook as I am hoping that this will help me reach different audience and create some more exposure. I am using this blog primarily as my virtual showroom but the newly created Facebook page will serve as a portal to share other creative ideas, inspirations and projects. So head on over to see my first post on the shibori scarves I made recently and feel free to like and share the page.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Time has come to make room for some new items and help release some of the oldies into the world. I have reduced these two dressers down to 50% of their original price and hope that there is someone out there who will be happy to call them their own.
Check out their Etsy listings here and here for more info.

Also, please take note of the following:

Delivering a piece to Montreal or the Canada/US border crossing in Sarnia has not been a problem in the past and am now happy to offer it free of charge. With a network of reliable shipping and customs brokers I am able to send my work across the border with no hassle on the buyers' part. Just sayin'!