Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two New Tallboys

These two dressers are my latest projects, both completed in the past two weeks. Originally the black one was going to be yellow and the yellow one green, but last minute change of heart resulted in the current colour scheme and I could not be happier about it. Both are currently listed on Etsy and generating a lot of buzz on Instagram, so predictions are they won't last long. There are two other pieces currently in the works and I hope to have them ready for you for some time next week.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Before and After - two chairs and a cabinet door

obviously" before"
While on my recent visit to my sister in Melbourne I went snooping in her shed (sheds always hide the best treasures in my opinion) and found these three sorry objects. The two chairs have obviously seen better days and the old cabinet door was just there, sitting in the corner waiting to be tossed out with the garbage. With some time on my hands I decided to attempt to give these pieces a new chance.
In their local hardware store i bought the spray paint, at the craft store I found the mod podge and the fabric came from my sister's sewing cabinet. A bit of sanding, gluing and spray painting resulted in this……


One of the back rests was in a really bad shape and had to be completely replaced, so I opted out for two wooden slats. The End!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Introducing Green Secretary Desk

Cute or what? This green secretary desk will infuse a bundle of freshness and joy in your space. Ideal for those tiny corners of your home. Be creative, use it in the bedroom as a side table, or in the kitchen for quick trips into the cyber space while cooking. In the hallway it can be a perfect catch all for all the tiny things you carry in your pockets including, change, keys or mail.

Dimensions are as follows
H 39 3/4" x D 22" x W 31"
Desk portion:
H 30" x H 24 3/4" W 24"

There is a small discount for buying this piece off the blog directly ($295 CND vs $275 US). Price does not include shipping/customs processing so please contact me for rates. Free delivery within Greater Toronto Area.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Introducing Angus & Celeste

Angus & Celeste Studio space in Ferntree Gully

It was so hard choosing between all the beautiful hanging planters they have for sale. I though I wanted the one with gold polka dots but went home with two completely different ones.

I spy with my little eye my next purchase

They also have a large selection of beautiful jewelry for sale. The first yellow/white/wood combo necklace caught my eye.

Selection of sweet statement rings.

…and some brooches!

A while ago as I was looking for plant and garden decor inspirations I came across the image of gorgeous ceramic hanging planters by Angus & Celeste. They are a ceramic design company from Melbourne, Australia and on my latest trip Down Under I decided I would come home with one of their pots.  I sent them an email and quickly heard back from Asha, one of the owners, and we managed to set the date for me to drop by and check out the studio for myself. I was very excited to see first hand all the objects I had been admiring from afar. Everything was even more beautiful than on the  pictures and I had a hard time choosing between so many things. Considering I decided to travel carry-on only my space was very limited but I still managed to fit in two of their pots (I will share the pictures in a separate post once they are in their permanents spots in my home).
Besides planters, their product portfolio also includes vases, ceramic wall decor pieces and jewelry. My next purchase may be that sweet vase with the green bunny on it (picture #4)
To find out more about this creative duo, check out their website.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sale, Sale, Sale - SOLD

This dresser is now on sale, as I need space for new things coming up. It has been reduced to $350 CDN. Dimensions are as follows: D 18 1/4" x H 32" x L 62" Free Delivery within Greater Toronto Area. Please contact me with your postal/zip code for shipping rates to other locations.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Turquoise Secretary Desk/Dresser

This desk/dresser was 90% finished and almost ready to be revealed when I sustained neck and  back injury and could not move, let alone finish the work I had started. So here it is now, over a month overdue, but better late than never, right?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tchotchke Around my House

Our house is small but cozy, colourful and happy and most importantly it is the place we love coming to at the end of a busy days. A house is not a home if it doesn't contain those seemingly useless things and tchotchke. Everyone has them. I try to keep mine at a minimum. They come from my travels, thrifting expeditions or dear friends. Here are a few of them and what they mean to me:

These little houses are miniature replicas of houses in Zagreb's old town. It is where I grew up and they bring me back to the days of my childhood.

These HAPPY letters were a gift from one of my dearest friends. The "P"s are top heavy and keep tipping sideways and falling down, hence their upside-down position.

Puyi plate is from the local Toronto store (Teatro Verde) I was attracted to it by the fact that it depicts a portrait of a famous historic personality in a fun and modern way. The bather is actually a whistle and it comes from a cool store in Melbourne, Australia.

Nadia Tan is one of the designers whose work we used to carry at Freedom Clothing Collective. She made this ship using paper, super tin rope and fabric. You can see more of this talented girl's work on her website Little Projectiles

Living in an old house doesn't come without its challenges, one of which is the lack of storage.
I have sourced some vintage suitcases that sit on top of armoires and under the bed.

Tex, the orange deer is the best thing I ever spent my art money on. It lives on my dining room wall crowning the art display that constantly keeps changing and evolving.

Art is not just for serious spaces. This wall is in the corner of my kitchen and features works from various local artists, a framed concert ticket, some Tasmanian art market finds, framed book page and my husband's son's drawing of his dad playing golf.

My favourite of the magnets is the game of tic-tac-toe that I got a MOMA in NYC. There are some other NY souvenirs in the mix along with some magnets I got gifted by my Croatian friends.

My latest obsession is creation of concrete planters. These are my prototypes and hopefully there will be more come warmer weather when I can work outside.

This is a snapshot from my medicine cabinet. I love seeing these silly figurines when I walk into my bathroom. I use the vintage porcelain sauce dish to store my hair accessories.

Last but not least is the ampersand sign I got at the Brooklyn Flea Market a couple of years back. In sits atop a mirror frame in my living room. You may recognize it from some of my furniture photos.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sneak Preveiw of What Is Coming

Here is a quick snap shot on what I have been working on  this first week of January. I had run into a  little snag in the schedule so the full reveal is coming a bit later than planned, but hope to be able to share the final product either tomorrow or by Friday afternoon. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Last of 2014 and First of 2015

Saying goodbye to 2014 with this zesty green tallboy .....

... and greeting 2015 with this bright and happy three drawer dresser. May your every day be as cheerful and vibrant as this little vignette.