Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last Friday at Freedom CC

Karen, Marsya and I were so excited on Friday as we had the opportunity to host exhibition opening for Jack Dylan, a Canadian illustrator from Stratford, Ontario who now lives in Toronto. After studying painting and Sculpture, he began work as a poster artist in the Montreal music community where he gained notoriety for his distinctive work. He now specializes in editorial design and is a frequent contributor to publication such as THE GLOBE & MAIL, TORONTO LIFE, and THE WALRUS.
The works of art will stay on display until March 8th and are available for purchase.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasmania - Part 2

Saturday at Salamanca Market
Besides the beautiful nature that is probably one of Tamsania's best assets, it also has a very alive and thriving arts and crafts community. Every Saturday morning Salamanca Market attracts thousands of locals and visitors who come to enjoy local foods, music and shopping. Salamanca Place, the home to the Market, is lined with caffees and restaurants that offer delicious refreshments after the morning of shopping.
If roads ever happen to take you to Hobart, a Saturday stay and visit to the market is an absolute must.