Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Three Chairs, One Stool, Three Distinct Looks

It is easy with unlimited or substantial resources to create different looks on a whim. When it becomes a challenge and fun (for me at least) is to work with things you already have on hand without adding anything from the outside. I had these three chairs already kicking around my house, the teal one in my stepson's bedroom, the wooden a spare one in my basement and the yellow one in the bathroom as a landing point for clothes and towels. The stool is also one of those things that sits in the living room corner and is often pulled closer to the sitting area as a closer spot to rest the drink on. The balance of the stuff came from all over the house to create vignettes that each offer their individual charm yet speak to my personal taste. I would love to see the different vignettes you are creating in your living space. Feel free to share them on my Facebook page.

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