Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time Flies

Pre-drilled plates waiting to become fully functional clocks

... and literally so, just last week at least 10 clocks few of our walls at Freedom Clothing Collective and into their new homes. This prompted me to start a search for a new batch as the time is approaching when I will have to direct a lot of my attention to producing crafty goodness for the One of A Kind Show that my friend and Freedom partner Karen of koocoo are participating at.
The stack of drilled plates on my kitchen counter keeps growing at a steady pace but there is still a lot more to get done.
Here are a few plates that actually made it to become clocks just this morning. My absolutely favourite one is the one with the whale - it started off by being just a plain bamboo plate. I experimented a bit with an image transfer technique and could not be happier with the end result. It was a bit labour intensive, but fun so I expect more of those come come out of my workshop soon.

This baby sold already and is on its way to Vancouver


  1. Thanks Krystin, a new whale one is in the works, hope this new experiment is as successful. Stay tuned.