Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In the Works


In progress

Drawer with the woodgrain showing
Here is a little sneak preview of one of the few pieces that I am working on at the  moment. The reason this one made the cut is to show you how some unintentional mistakes can make an awesome finished look. Namely, as I was taping off the drawers to apply the white paint, I miscalculated the width and as a result, the wood grain is showing in random spots and adding that unexpected something. At first I wanted to cover it, but since every drawer seems to have the same "problem" i have decided to ignore it and make it a part of the design. Can't wait till this one is done and posted on Etsy. Hope you share my enthusiasm.


  1. Love this happy accident, Jelena!

  2. Thanks Carmen! Will post a picture of the finished product soon.