Thursday, June 23, 2011

Re-Styled - Part 2

Part one of the re-styled series introduced you to our project and i shared the before and in progress pictures. In this post, we are reveling to you the lessons we learned as well as Karen's vision for the final proudct.

Lesson learned:
"Always fix everything (ie. wobbles, cracks etc.) BEFORE you paint and put the finishing details on", is what we would have said initially.... but because we were both excited to get started right away, we did just the opposite. The result was a ‘fixed’ crack with some extra distressing that we both consider darling and part of this little guys charm.
This table had a bad crack on the surface, so we decided to take it apart and fix it to make sure it does not fall apart completely in the future. Also, while taking it apart we managed to fix the wobbly leg by using some glue and some mini shams. Re-gluing the table top and using screws made it more secure and stable. Filling in the large crack with wood filler was one option that would have made it look as though the crack was never there, but …. we all have “flaws” and those flaws make us individuals and are special to us. So we left it as is and designed around it.
This is all it took and Bob’s your uncle, so here you have it!
We call him Mini Bob.

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