Friday, June 24, 2011

Owlies of Ontario by Kempton Jones

A few days ago Freedom CC welcomed Michelle of Kempton Jones, the creative mind behind Owlies of Ontario and much other goodness, to the roster of the designers represented through the store.
Michelle names all of her Owlies after small towns and cities in Ontario that provoke a memory of sound and cool. They are made from designer, new or upcycled fabrics. Stuffed with polyfil (non allergenic) and made in pet free and smoke free home.

Michelle is of Japanese origin, and owls in Japan are a symbol of good fortune and luck.
The Owlies make great girlfriend gifts, house warming gifts, they are great just propped on a bookshelf or chair/couch. The sophisticated and slightly graphic outline of them make them work for adults as well as kids. Michelle has heard them described as plush art. Karen, Marsya and I are excited about being able to present Michelle's art to our customers and are confident that we will all have much success.

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