Monday, October 5, 2015

My Dream Closet

We live fast these days. We move cities and countries for work, family or love and just when we think that we have found the place where we can settle down for a while and grow roots, it turns out that life has different plans for us. I have moved several times, within cities where I lived, between two continents and I have plans to cross the world once more to find my happily ever after home in Australia one day.
I happen to like browsing real estate listings for different cities in the world and came across a real estate platform called Compass that helps people buy, sell or rent properties. They currently focus on cities like New York, Washington DC, Miami or Boston, all places that I have been to and like very much. Checking out some of the listings made me think how I would decorate the units and if I had the luxury of space, what my dream closet would look like.
Typical walk in closets, the kinds we see in movies and home shows can also entail a hefty financial investment, something that many of us are not prepared and ready to consider. With a bit of imagination and a room to spare it is possible to create a fully functional yet stylish and one-of-a-kind closet space to call your own.
My dream closet is the kind that moves with me, the kind I can take apart and reset in my next house so it feels familiar yet new and exciting. Closet walls would have to be neutral to allow the clothing, shoes and accessories to stand out. For the ceiling however there is no rule in my books. It can be painted out in a bright and bold colour, wallpapered or decoupaged. 

The lighting is essential too. If there are no windows or if the existing ones don’t allow enough natural light to come in, it is important to invest in a light fixture. I happen to like natural materials and a wooden beaded chandelier would be my go to option.

In summary, my ideal closet is put together from independent components that can easily be taken apart and assigned a different function in the next home. The mirror may find its way into the hallway, the glass cabinet in the kitchen and the DIY clothes rack in the sewing/craft room.

The room itself does not have to have a large footprint, the height is more important to allow full utilization of vertical spaces.
I love finding alternative uses for everyday objects. My ideal closet has an elegant glass cabinet, one would normally find in a kitchen or a dining room, to store my shoes. That would allow a full overview of my shoe stock and maks selecting the right ones to pair with my outfits that much easier.

A larger dresser would offer some some much needed folding surface but also storage for t-shirts, socks, underwear and jeans.

Purses and hats would be displayed on wall mounted hooks and coats and dresses on a clothes rack. I love the idea of a DIY clothes rack option but there are many ready made alternatives available.

Finding the right accessory to finish off the outfit can be tricky if they are stored in drawers. My closet offers a nice overview of available options with easy access. Scarves are draped over an old ladder and jewelry is displayed hanging off a thread spool holder.

An oversized floor mirror is there as well for that last minute glance-over before heading out.

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