Monday, August 31, 2015

Skirt as Inspiration for Furniture Makeover

This summer as I was vacationing in Croatia I came across a store in Split, a beautiful coastal town in central Dalmatia, where I spotted a rather unusual skirt. The skirt is constructed from many different pieces of fabric, stitched together, dyed and embellished with silk screened details. It is double sided, rather opulent and it moves fabulously when I walk. It is a statement piece of clothing that will always be the star of the total outfit.

Inspired by the technique that the designer used on the skirt I made the decision to translate it into my line of work. To transform this simple dresser I used oil paintings, embroidery pieces, fabric, print on paper, a lot of glue, some varnish and touch of paint. The biggest challenge was to to arrange the pieces into a composition that will work together and offer an easy transition between the sections.
Here is the result. This dresser now offers a big presence and would look best in a larger room with simple furnishings. As a way to accessorize it a single large mirror framed in a simple frame would be more than enough.

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