Monday, April 20, 2015

Painted Door - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Color Combo at Work

Last week as I was running errands in the neighbourhood I spotted this door sitting at the curb. Made of unpainted wood that had dried out over the years I knew I could give it a new lease of life with some paint. I have recently gotten acquainted with Annie Sloan Decorative Chalk Paint products and have had noting but great experience with it. I selected a pallet of muted, earthy colours and got to work. Colours starting from the inside out are Coco, English Yellow, Scandinavian Pink, French Linen with an undercoat of Aubusson Blue. For now I am using it in our house as a simple decorative statement but by adding a shelf or a couple of coat hooks it can turn into a useful household object.
Sadly, I forgot to take the before picture but the change is drastic and I hope to cross path with a few more more of those hopeless beauties over the summer.

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