Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Reveal #4 of 4 - Boats

I got a call from a friend one day saying that she is stuck with a dresser and not sure as to what to do with it. She had just moved to a new place and sadly this piece did not make the cut. It was in plain wood finish with pulls that were interesting but not enough as to carry the look of the whole piece. I had an oil painting sitting in my basement and when I brought the piece home I noticed that the size of the painting fit the height and the width of it perfectly. The plan was to cut the painting to size to fit each drawer and the spacing between them to provide a continuous image. However, even though I measured twice I managed to cut the first piece for the top drawer somewhat short which automatically took away the allowance for the spacings and I was left with just enough material to cover the drawers. I was faced with the challenge of either leaving the spacings blank or trying to paint them and provide a continuous image. I took the latter approach and sat for hours, mixing paints and dabbing and blending them into the wood. By the time I was done I could not believe my eyes as somehow I managed to achieve what I had originally envisioned. The piece currently is listed in my Etsy store.

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