Friday, June 6, 2014

In The Works

Unfortunately I don't have a before image of this piece. I also didn't have a particular direction for it in mind. I saw it, liked its lines, the price was right so I brought it home. A few days into having it in my space I thought I had the plan for it pinned down. I was going to paint it a beautiful shade of coral and attach some bunny shaped knobs on it. It was almost a done deal until I thought of an old painting I had bought (i bought it for the frame, the painting in itself was a bonus). I measured it out and it was a perfect fit and that is what completely chanted the outcome. I started cutting, sanding, gluing and painting and this is how far I got (masking tape is still in place to protect the artwork while still working on the piece) The painting and colours in it were the inspiration for the overall colour on the piece. A nice neutral taupe provides the perfect backdrop for the dynamic and action packed scene. I can't wait to have it completed and show you the final product. I am also toying with the idea to keep it, which will require some furniture re-arranging in my home, but it may be worth the effort.

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