Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Midnight Blue Tallboy Dresser

When I first saw this dresser I walked right by it like it did not exist. Then its nasty finish caught my eye. It was painted in deep red with faux leather treatment. I could not believe that someone actually spent time and effort transforming it into a fake lizard. I inspected it carefully and noticed it was sturdy and solid and knew I could make it stand out in a positive way.
I brought it home, covered with one coat of black milk paint following with several coats of Soldier Blue Milk paint. The black base is what gives the blue top coat the deep hue. Its solid build is softened with pastelly pink knobs and drawers are lined with charming pink and grey paper.


  1. Beautiful!!! I know nothing about design... is this dresser considered French Provincial?

  2. Hi, this would not be considered French Provincial style. Typically French provincial furniture has simple carvings, is characterized through cabriole legs is and is much curvier. Even though it can come in different colours, most common ones are white, off white, robin's egg blue and other pastel colours.