Thursday, July 25, 2013

Foyer Makeover on a Budget

This is what the foyer looked like up until Monday. Kind of dark-ish and neglected place that was at the same time sort of a catch-all for stuff.

View from my favourite chair in the living room.

Ceiling is painted turquoise (in case you missed that). Ceiling lamp, stool, armoire and yellow lamp base are all thrift store finds.

Yellow and turquoise suitcases are also thrift store finds.
We moved in our house almost 4 years ago. Moving into the new house and settling into the new life as a couple, starting a new business and still working at my old job really didn't leave much time for anything else. Originally we wanted to have the entire house painted but before we knew it that project got put on the back burner. Most walls are painted some sort of neural "sandy" colour that does not stand out too much, but the foyer sported a bright mossy green colour. I wanted to have it painted at the same time as everything else, but this past Monday I decided that I had enough of it and that the time for change has come. I am a lucky girl  as Marc leaves all the creative and decorating decisions to me, so I didn't have to wait on his approval. I just called him while he was still on his way to work to inform him of the fact that he will be coming home to an overhauled foyer. Sitting in my favourite chair now I have a few of an airy and fresh looking space that I love.

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