Tuesday, May 28, 2013


While waiting to board my early morning flight out of Melbourne I decided to pass some time in the local airport news stands (who doesn't?). I had some Aus change left and was looking for a perfect magazine to spend it on to help me get the long flight that was ahead of me pass as quickly as possible.
At first I focused on local home decor publication, but then my eye landed on the cute peach coloured cover of Frankie featuring and adorable illustration (later on I found out that the illustration was depicting Ray Eames - a member the famous chair and textile designer duo).
I could not resist and had to check out what the 150+ pages had to offer and could not have been more delighted but to find that it is a portal that talks about (mostly) local design, art, craft, photography and features works of many (Australian but also international) Etsy sellers. All the articles are written in a quirky and fun voice and reading them makes you feel like you are actually talking to the writers.
Their website is equally fun to browse through and offers a bunch of interesting tidbits on all the featured topics. All the (bi-weakly) issues are available in digital format but can also be ordered in print. To make things more interesting, printed copies are available in selected Canadian Chapters stores. Yey to that!

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