Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Target vs. Anthropologie

Target has finally landed in Canada. The days when girlfriends would pile up in the car and drive to the US to check what  affordable finds that retailer had to offer are gone. There happens to be a Target store very close to my house, so last Friday I decided to go and check it out. As I was browsing the isles, trying to decide how I feel about the offering and the whole Canadian Target experience, I noticed some similarities with product offerings of Anthropologie, a store I am fairly familiar with, and whose products are celebrated in trendy fashion and home decor magazines.
All of you who have visited and experienced shopping in both stores will agree that the two stores have a very different approach to merchandising and most definitely price points. While Target offers budget friendly solutions for the entire family in a big box format, Anthropologie brings boutique retail experience and targets premium female consumers looking for niche products.
As for me, each of the two stores offers their own reasons to visit and brings forth a different woman in me. While I felt like a practical and savvy shopper at Target, Anthropologie makes me feel feminine and offers escape into the world that is slightly out of the ordinary.

Stitched Mansoa Curtain - $208-$268 at Anthropologie
Threshold Climbing Vine panel - $24.99-$29.99 at Target

Mystic Tieback Bib necklace _ $48 at Anthropologie
Three Rows Drops Necklace - $16.99 at Target Online

Threshold Naomi Mug - set of 4 $19.99 (or so)

at Target

Threshold floral bath towel -$14.99 at Target

Perpetual bloom towels - $8-$36 at Anthropologie

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