Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Booties are Beauties

I happend to have found myself downtown the other day, not something that happens often as my life revolves around my home studio, antique markets and shows and my store.
So since I happened to be there, I decided to take a mini trip down the memory lane and visit the shoe store that often offered retail therapy sessions when I used to work in that neighbourhood.
I walked in with a firm decision not to buy anything and to just look. M-hmmm - of course that is what happened. First thing I noticed was a pair of bright blue half boots. Maybe I will just try them on, just to see how they feel and if they fit, I would get them in the spring when they come on sale.
Do I need to spell it out? They fit perfectly, but bummer, they didn't have my size, not in that store, but they did in another.... and so the story went, I could not imagine my fall fashions without them.
I handed over my credit card and the next day they arrived in the mail, perfect, gorgeous and bluer than summer skies.

They came with a personalized note from the store manager

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