Thursday, August 16, 2012

Road Trip Follow-Up

I knew this mini roady was going to be loaded with fun, but did not expect it to be all that it was.
We got up at 5AM on Saturday morning and were on the road by 5:15. In order to save some on gas and leave a smaller footprint, we chose Kia Optima Hybrid for this trip. We left Toronto with a full tank and during our trip we only needed to gas once. The first tank lasted us for 1,150 km - quite impressive, don't you think?

2012 Kia Optima Hybrid - car that took us places

By the time we reached Columbus, OH, it was early afternoon and before checking into our hotel we wanted to see what local retailers had to offer. When I saw these New Balance shoes, I could not but take them home with me. They are not only comfortable but also my favorite color, a true winning combo.

The evening started off by meeting my friend in front of the Schmidt's Saussage House, the restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious meal, well worth the trip.

Marc and I in anticipation of our dinner

When you can't decide what to order, the easiest way is to go with the sampler plate

After treating our taste buds with local awesomeness, Marc returned to our hotel to catch up on some golf and the girls went dancing. I don't rally do that much, but when one of your best friends asks you to, you just don't say no. 
On Sunday we reloaded our car and hit the road Toronto bound. This trip was short and sweet and I can't wait for the next one to come, regardless of where it may take us.

Cheers - Ivana and I before hitting the dance floor

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