Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Beginnings

It has been a while and hopefully everyone is doing well, enjoying the summer and staying cool. The weather in Toronto is so hot and humid today, but who cares really, it is summer and it is supposed to be like that. Before we know it we will be missing it and wishing it back.
In the past little while I spent some time thinking as to why I have not been diligent enough to make new posts, and have realized that it stems from the fact that there are so many beautifully curated blogs out there and that I wish mine was of the same kind, but somehow it never turns out that way. But I have also decided to ignore that fact and just roll with the way I do things and there will always be someone who will want to read it and catch up on my work, so in the spirit of embracing what I just said here is a mini visual update of some of the projects that have come and gone through my hands.


  1. Your work is so beautiful Jelena! Also, your blog is great just the way it is. When I first discovered it I spent half a day catching up on older posts and I was captivated! Post more!

  2. Thank you Krystin, it really helps knowing that. Looking forward to catching up in person some time soon!