Sunday, May 8, 2011

Restyling 101: Insider tips from the Pros - Blog series hosted by Mod Nest

Restyling 101: Insider Tips From The Pros is a blog series initiated by Lia Fagan of ModNest and it will consist of 5 value-packed posts from 5 creative ladies who have each built businesses restyling furnishings & interiors.

We'll each be sharing insider information based on our own area of expertise. You'll get loads of tips, tricks, advice and secrets as well as some pitfalls to avoid.

The series will be running all next week on MoodNest, May 9-13. Each of us will publish one new post, on our own blogs, each day of the week (for a total of 5 posts). Lia will be updating the links in the post schedule as each post goes live. Be sure to check back every day and follow the link to each post as the week continues.

Thank you Lia for initiating this great series, and a big thank you to all the ladies that are making it possible.

Tomorrow's post will be by your's truly and it will focus on furniture distressing techniques.

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