Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vendor Call

It is official now, me and my Poppies are now official part of Freedom Clothing Collective. The transition happened late last month and by now I am fully on board pulling my share of weight to bring the store to the next level.
As a part of this initiative Freedom Clothing Collective would like to open their doors to home decor and are looking for all sorts of useful items you would use to embellish your home, such as ceramics, candles, shower curtains, rugs, tea towels, bowls, quilts, etc. Keep in mind, these items not only need to be aesthetically pleasing but we urge that they be eco friendly in nature and either made or reworked locally. If you're interested in presenting FCC with your home creations please contact me at and let's get that ball rolling.


  1. Very cool idea! Congrats on the new partnership. I love your furniture.


  2. Thanks Lenore, hope it is a success!