Monday, June 21, 2010

Pink Marvel

And here is my newest pink marvel. Where most would paint it white I opted out for the bright fuchsia pink. Unfortunately my camera can not catch the depth of the color, but I guarantee that it is absolutely out of this world. Drawers are lined with leftover wallpaper so not all of them are the same. A piece like this can definitely live with a touch of quirkiness on the inside. It is now available on my Etsy store page.


  1. Hi Jelena,
    I found you on Lather.Write.Repeat blog.
    My name is Tumaini and I just love your furniture. The bright colors!
    There is a young woman here in Los Angeles/San Diego area who also uses beautiful colors on her dressers!

    Well, I'm writing to invite you to my blog FLIPPIN' FACTORY. I feature nothing but recycled furniture makers. I would LOVE to write up something about you and your recreations!!

    In addition, I am creating an online show that follows a group of artists who recycle furniture and use that furniture to decorate the home of individuals and families who were once homeless. The name of my show is called RECONDITIONED. Watch the video and learn more about this project at If you can't open the link, go to and do a search for RECONDITIONED!

    Keep creating!
    Tumaini - a webseries featuring recycled furniture makers