Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

Before I log off for the Holidays I would like to share the images of my tree with you. The ornaments I have are a mix and match of store bought and home made creations. (If you look closely, you will even see my new business card used as an ornament. This was a big year for me and Poppyseed and I thought that it deserved special representation during the Holidays). Look closer and you may even spot a picture of a celebrity in my tree. If anyone can tell me who that person is, I will tell you the story as to why they deserve special treatment.
I especially love my tree topper angel. My best friend and I bought matching Peruvian dolls from a street vendor in New York a few years ago and we both use them as tree decor.
As a sign off to this year, I wish you all oodles of happiness, health and love today and for the years to come. I will see you in 2010 my friends.

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