Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Decorating with mirrors

I love mirrors and think they are awesome. They are not only functional, but can make a great home d├ęcor . Mirrors can be used to add light and space to the room. Their use is not limited to bathrooms, bedrooms and entryways. You can use them throughout the house, including kitchens for some added glitz and glamour. When choosing a place for a mirror, try to have it reflect something pretty, like a nice piece of art or your garden.
My favourite way to display mirrors (preferably of different shapes and sizes) is in groupings similar to an art wall arrangement. Each mirror will reflect part of your room and will render a different picture. You can introduce prints and paintings in this arrangement for some added visual interest.
A great source to look for different mirrors are your local vintage stores, flea markets and garage sales. Don’t worry if the mirror itself shows signs of age, in my mind this ads character. If the colour of the frame is not to your liking it can be easily changed with a fresh coat of paint.


  1. I love the vanity mirrors - I wonder what they have used to hang them on the wall??

  2. Believe it or not, plate hangers were used to display the mirrors on the wall. Brilliant n'est-ce pas?